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Admission Bachelor's

The Department of Industrial Management (DIM) of the Taiwan Tech School of Management offers a two-year and a four-year undergraduate program in Industrial Management. The two-year program is only open to local students and Overseas Chinese students, please refer to the Chinese language website for further information. Our four-year Bachelor's program invites applications from local and international students.The language of instruction is mostly Chinese, with an increasing number of courses being offered in English.

What students are we looking for?
The Bachelor's Program in Industrial Management (DIM) is designed to cultivate management talents
 in various industries, in Taiwan and overseas. The design of our program requires certain skills and abilities of prospective students which is reflected in our admission procedures.
We are looking for students who demonstrate the following skills, interests and abilities:

•   Recognized senior high school-leaving certificate (or equivalent) from your home country
•   B2-level of proficiency in Chinese (cf. TOCL) and B1-level proficiency in English, is required at the time of application (cf. Language Proficiency Comparison Chart). 
•   Passion to explore issues in industrial management, technology, digitization and related fields 
•   Solid foundation in mathematics
•   International outlook and curiosity to learn about intercultural management 


How does the admission process work?
We wish to recruit students with the very best potential and motivation
, and welcome applications by all suitably qualified prospective students from different backgrounds. For international applicants, the admission decision is based on written documents, we usually do not hold interviews/ admission exams. The documents have to be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs, but will be reviewed by the DIM admission committee which carefully considers each application on an individual basis. 

The DIM admission committee considers:

•  Academic results in your senior high school studies 
•  Quality of your Statement of Purpose/ Study Plan  where you have to explain your background and the specific reasons why you wish to join the DIM Bachelor's program
•  Endorsement expressed in the recommendation letters 


How to apply? 

Admission to the Bachelor's program in Industrial Management is only possible in the fall  term, please refer to the NTUST Academic Calendar for the admission deadlines. Detailed information on the application process, fee payments etc. is offered by the Office of Academic Affairs. Once you have received your Letter of Admission, the Office of International Affairs will assist with enrollment and getting settled at Taiwan Tech.

What do I need? Application Checklist  

 Senior High-School Certificate (or eqivalent) ü
 DIM administered entrance exam   Ø
 DIM administered entrance interview    Ø
 Two Recommendation letters ü
 Statement of Purpose  ü
 Curriculum Vitae    ü
 Proof of English Proficiency (at least level B1  ü
 Proof of Mandarin Chinese Proficiency (at least Level B2 ü
 Online application via NTUST application platform  ü

Credit waivers and credit recognition

If you have already studied in an undergraduate program at another institution, you can apply for credit waivers to be exempted from taking courses after enrollment at Taiwan Tech. The maximum of  waived credits must not exceed 50% of the credits reqired for graduation, i.e. not more than 66 credits taken at other institutions can be transferred. Relevant supporting documents, i.e. copies of university transcripts and course descriptions, need to be submitted, and application for credit transfer can only be submitted once in the course of your studies.  
The following conditions apply (for general information on credit transfer, please refer to the regulations issued by the Office of Academic Affairs) 

•   The name of the course and the number of credits that you wish to waive has to correspond to the name of the DIM-course and to its number of credits 
•   Credits from EMBA-courses cannot be transferred
•   The courses which you submit for credit transfer must have been completed successfully
•   The minimum period of study of the Bachelor's Program of Industrial Management is one year, i.e. if you are granted credits waivers, you will still have to enroll at Taiwan Tech for at least one year within which you have to fulfill all requirements for graduation

Last update: 13 July 2023