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Bachelor's Program



pThe Department of Industrial Management (DIM) of the Taiwan Tech School of Management offers a two-year and a four-year undergraduate program in Industrial Management. The two-year program is only open to local student and Overseas Chinese students, please refer to the Chinese language website for further information.   

The four-year Bachelor's program invites applications from local and international students.The language of instruction is mostly Chinese, with an increasing number of courses being offered in English. Proficiency in both, Chinese (Level B2) and English (level B1), is required at the time of application. The program leads to an internationally recognized Bachelor's of Business Administration degree and is taught by experienced full-time faculty, all of whom are holding doctorates from prestigious institutions in the US, Australia, Taiwan, and other countries. Students can also take courses at the business faculties of the NTU Alliance universities (National Taiwan University and National Taiwan University).
Our industrial management education combines solid theoretical knowledge with practical training, and introduces into the latest developments of the field. The undergraduate curriculum covers our department's four areas of spezializations, i.e. Production Systems, Operation Research, Human Factor Engineering /Ergonomic, and Information Technology. Students will get a thorough overview of the discipline during their four years of study, and  will also have the chance to pursue their individual interests by focusing on one of the areas in their electives. 

Furthermore, our Department offers two certificate programs, the Industrial Safety and Hygiene Program and the Industry 4.0 Intelligent Operations Program. These cross-departmental programs allow students to deepen their knowledge in two important areas of industrial management and thus enhance their competitiveness on the labor market.  

Credit requirements

Bachelor's Program  in Industrial Management 
Credit requirements

Required Courses 
General Courses   34
DIM Core courses  58
Elective core courses offerd by DIM   27 41
Free Electives 14
Total 133

The Bachelor's program in Industrial Management requires 133 credits towards graduation:
1) 34 credits must be earned from General Courses, including 16 credits from General Education and Social Practice
2) 58 credits must be from required core courses offered by the DIM

3) 41 credits will be earned from electives, with 27 credits  from core courses offered by the DIM and 14 credits from free electives 

Further requirements for graduation
a) Physical Education Courses (0 credits)
b) Special Topic Courses (0 credits)

At the School of Management, each course is normally worth 3 credits and meets 3 hours per week over 18 weeks (one semester).


Program Structure

General Courses: All undergraduate programs at Taiwan Tech require students to earn 34 credits through General Courses, i.e. courses in English Language (12 credits), Chinese Literature (6 credits), General Education + Social Practice (16 credits), and Physical Education (0 credit). Flexible regulations are in place for international students:
1) Chinese Literature courses (6 credits) can be replaced by Mandarin Courses (6 credits) offered by the Taiwan Tech Language Centre
General Education + Social Practice (16 credits) can be replaced by elective DIM core courses or elective courses from other departments  

 Required Core Courses and Electives:Our Bachelor's program is designed to equip students with a solid foundation in the main areas of industrial management. The curriculum covers the following fields:.

  • General Management (Business Ethics, Human Resources, Accounting, and others)
  • Operation Research and Statistics (deals with the application of operation research and production system theories; provides necessary skills in statistics and programming)
  • Production Systems (deals with the improvement of production efficiency and productivity)
  • Information Technology (deals with problems regarding production system automation and related areas)
  • Human Factors/ Ergonomics (is an umbrella term for several areas of research that include human performance, technology design, and human-computer interaction)

The Program Structure Bachelor's Program Industrial Management offers an overview of the four-year curriculum. Please note that this chart is for reference only, not all courses are offered every semester or academic year. Please refer to the current NTUST course catalogue to verify the actual course offer and  the language of instruction. 
Download: Program Structure Bachelor's Program Industrial Management 

Special Topic Courses: In their third year of studies, students will have to take the courses Special Topics on Industrial Management I and II where they will work on projects under the guidance of their advisors. They have to compile a written report and present their results in a competition held by the DIM.The best projects will be rewarded with the Industrial Management Best Paper Award. Students have to submit their projects reports before the date of the final exams in the 2nd semester of their 3rd year. A two-step selection procedure is in place:
• 1st round of the selection process: 
The written reports are reviewed by DIM full-time faculty members
• 2nd round of the selection process: A panel (3 - 5 members), consisting of company representatives, instructors from the industry, and  alumni will evaluate students' oral reports (presentations) 
The winner is determined by averaging the scores of the two rounds, and will receive a certificate issued by the Office of Academic Affairs. The two runners-up will receive certificates from the department. 

Practice Courses: Several required core courses (2 credits) are combined with a practice session (1 credit), indicated as "2+1" in the program structure. The courses that come with a practice session are: Introduction to Computers and Computing Lab (1st year/1), Computer Programming Lab (1st year/2), Work Study Practice (2nd year/1), Introduction to e-commerce (3rd year/3). The courses have to be taken within the first three years of studies.

Electives: 41 credits can be gained through electives, but at least 27 credits have to be earned through subject-related electives, i.e. elective core courses offered by the DIM. These may include a minimum of 9 credits earned through internships (3 credits per internship). Due to labor law restrictions, international students are currently excluded from credit-bearing internship programs and should consult with the DIM to discuss internship plans.  

Credit Transfer

Application for Credit transfer is possible only once and the application form has to be submitted within the period indicated in the NTUST academic calendar (usually the first two weeks of the  semester). General NTUST regulations for credit transfer apply.  
Download: Credit Transfer Application Form for Undergraduate Students 

Further Regulations
Student who have failed a required course and need retake it in the following semester, can only take courses offered by Taiwan Tech. Under special circumstances, exceptions from this rule may be made. Individual cases will be discussed at the Departmental Affairs Meeting and decided by the Chairperson of the DIM. 

 For more detailed regulations, please refer to the Chinese website of the Four Year's Bachelor Program in Industrial Management.

Last update: 6 july 2023