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Research Laboratories


Prodcution Systems Laboratories   Introduction
Warranty and Reliability (MA-518)
Supervising Professor: Ruey-Huei Yeh
+886 2 2733-3141#7825

This lab focuses on delivering comprehensive perspectives to enterprises in establishing robust warranty chain management systems. Research areas encompass warranty management practices, product reliability engineering, maintenance modeling, and sustainable design. 

Data Analysis (MA-201)
Supervising Professor: Fu-Kwun Wang
Phone: +886 2 2733-3141#7114

We specialize in predictive analytics, utilizing statistical techniques, machine learning algorithms, and data mining to make predictions about future or unknown events.  The  three key areas are: Predictive maintenance (PdM), Deep Learning forecasting, and Object detection models

Intelligent Operations Management (MA-007)
Supervising Professor: Kung-Jeng Wang

Phone: +886 2 2733-3141#7102
Welcome to the Intelligent Operations Management Laboratory! Our focus is on Industry 4.0, and our research areas include Digital Twin, Image Recognition, Human-Machine Collaboration, Data Analytics, and Qualitative Study. Feel free to explore our website and join us if you share the same passion!

Decision Analysis and Applied Statistics (DAAS)  (MA-420)
Supervising Professor: Shi-Woei Lin

Phone: +886 2 2733-3141#7110 

The  DAAS  combines statistical models, machine learning, and decision analysis tools to explore emerging data mining applications in the fields of retail, healthcare, and engineering. We also employ game theory and mechanism design models to address pricing, warranty fraud management, and natural resource management issues. 

Sustainable Technology Management (MA-005)
Supervising Professor: Tsai-Chi Kuo

Phone: +886 2 2733-3141# 7107

This lab  focuses on researching innovative technologies driven by data analysis. Our goal is to develop and implement these technologies in constructing circular systems that align with sustainable development goals. Through our research, we aim to contribute to the advancement of sustainable practices and address environmental challenges by leveraging data-driven solutions and promoting a circular economy.

Lean and Efficiency Analytics (MA-007)
Supervising Professor:
Shih-Hsien Tseng

Phone: +886 2 2733-3141# 7102

This lab focuses on optimizing operational systems to meet the requirements of quality, cost, delivery, and safety. Our research revolves around implementing Lean Manufacturing or Lean Six Sigma principles to enhance processes and activities within the system, maximizing overall value.  Additionally, we explore biggish data analytics for powerful modeling and optimization activities. 

Operations Research Laboratories  Introduction
Nonlinear Numerical Optimization (MA-011-1)
Supervising Professor: Eiji Mizutani
Phone: +886 2 2733-3141#7937
Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management (MA-003)
Supervising Professor: Vincent F. Yu

Phone: +886 2 2733-3141#7101
Data Sciences (MA-008)
Supervising Professor: Ren-Jieh Kuo 

Phone: +886 2 2733-3141#7103

This lab primarily focuses on the development of advanced algorithms, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and data mining, and applies them to smart manufacturing, smart services and recommendation systems. Furthermore, the lab is actively involved in research pertaining to production management and supply chain management.

Logistics Systems (MA-013)
Supervising Professor: Po-Hsun Kuo

Phone: +886 2 2733-3141#7479
This lab focuses on the movement, protection, storage, and control of materials and products throughout the entire lifecycle, from manufacturing and distribution to consumption and disposal.Through the development of mathematical and computer models, we aim to optimize warehouse layout and operations, leading to reduced labor costs, improved warehouse space utilization, and enhanced workflow efficiency. 
Intelligent Decisions and Analytics (MA-529)
Supervising Professor: Yu-Chung Tsao

Phone: +886 2 2733-3141#7623

This lab is dedicated to the development and application of intelligent optimization and analytics technologies. Our mission is to analyze and solve operations and logistics management problems through advanced techniques.

Human Factor/Ergonomic Laboratories  Introduction

Ergonomic Assessment (MA-002)
Supervising Professor: Chris Chia-Fen Chi 

Phone: +886 2 2733-3141#7113

Ergonomic and Design Laboratory (EDL) (MA-005 and  MA-011-2)
Supervising Professors: 
Chiu-Hsiang Lin  and  Cheng-Jhe Lin
Phone: +886 2 2733-3141#7107
The EDL is jointly headed by Professor Chiuhsiang Joe Lin and Associate Professor Cheng-Jhe (Robert) Lin. The lab focuses on research areas such as human computer interaction, usability, user experience, and their applications in designing Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR), interactive devices, service systems, responsive web systems, physical work/workplace, and healthcare systems. 

Human Computer Multiple Intelligence Innovation Lab (HCMI) (MA-008)
Supervising Professor: Yu-Ling Hsu
Phone: +886 2 2733-3141#7103

Information Technology Laboratories  Introduction

Information Technology Application and Integration (MA-012)
Supervising Professor: Shuo-Yan Chou

Phone:+886 2 2733-3141#7106

E-Business (MA-004)
Supervising Professor: Chao Ou-Yang

Phone: +886 2 2733-3141#7656
This lab primarily focuses on conducting research in the field of enterprise digital transformation. The main objective is to support businesses by providing assistance in operational data analysis and exploring various pertinent subjects, including the application of machine learning in intelligent production and manufacturing processes.
Intelligent Systems Engineering (MA-013)
Supervising Professor: Shih-Che Lo

Phone: +886 2 2733-3141#7479
This lab focuses on Sustainable Logistics Management, Semiconductor Manufacturing Scheduling, and applications in Intelligent Systems Engineering. These include Industry 4.0/5.0, Big Data Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Quality Control and Management, as well as Machine Learning/Deep Learning/Enforcement Learning.  
System Information and Management Science (MA-416)
Supervising Professor: Chao-Lung Yang

Phone: +886 2 2733-3141#7111
This lab primarily focuses  on data mining applications , statistical decision making, information technology, and optimization to solve managerial problems in complex systems. Our interdisciplinary approach involves utilizing system informatics analytical models within various managerial problem domains to enhance decision-making processes.

Artificial Intelligence and Decision Analysis (AIDA) (MA-420)   
Supervising Professor: Chia-Yu Hsu 

Phone: +886 2 2733-3141#7110