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Research Centres and Facilities

Taiwan Tech boasts  two university-level research centers  that are devoted to industrial management research.

      •The NTUST Artificial Intelligence for Operations Management Research Center, directed by Professor Yu-Chung Tsao, explores AI
        applications in enhancing decision-making processes and operational efficiency.

      • The NTUST Center for IoT Innovation, led by Professor Shuo-Yan Chou, advances research in the Internet of Things (IoT). He and
         his team primarily focus on tech-enabled services in three areas, Smart Industry, Smart City, and Smart Energy.

Students of Industrial Management also have access to the NTUST Industry 4.0 Implementation Centre, an on-campus educational demo factory for practical training with the aim of cultivating industry4.0 talent.
Apart from these centres, DIM offers the following state-of-the-art departmental facilties to its students and researchers for training and research: 


Lean Systems Laboratory (M009) 
The Lean Systems Laboratory draws inspiration from corporate employee training facilities, fostering experiential vocational education.
Through hands-on toy assembly activities, students gain practical training and experience various techniques like material picking, feeding, and both push-type and pull-type assembly methods.
This immersive learning environment mirrors real-world experiences, ensuring students acquire valuable skills and knowledge.


Intelligent Operations Center (MA-128)
Also known as the War Room, this lab is a collaborative initiative between the DIM and leading IT manufacturers in Taiwan. In partnership with NEXCOM, a prominent advocate of digital transformation in Industry 4.0, we have access to real-time data from the Huaya factory's war room system.This facilty as a valuable tool in supporting efficient and effective decision-making processes by providing real-time information such as environmental data, SMT (Surface Mount Device) and DIP (Dual In-line Package) production lines data, and power consumption data. It also has a predictive function aims to forecast and prevent machine breakdowns.  



Smart Manufacturing Laboratory (MA-126)
The  Smart Manufacturing Laboratory is equipped with two industrial robots, a collaborative robot, and an Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system. This system is developed in collaboration with the TUL- Corporation, a leading manufacturer and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for companies like AMD, to conduct research on areas such as Human-Robot Collaboration, Human Motion and Voice Detection, and System Integration.The goal is to develop the necessary technologies to support Industry 4.0 advancement.