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The Department of Industrial Management (DIM) boasts a strong research output and has evolved into one of Taiwan’s most respected institutions in the field. Our department comprises four main research areas, Production Systems, Operations Research, Human Factors/ Ergonomics, and Information Technologyeach equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities.The DIM's commitment to applied research and innovation fosters interdisciplinary collaboration, and has resulted in strong industry-academia ties. Thus, most of the research projects at the DIM involve interdisciplinary and cross-sector cooperation,and many are jointly conducted wih the industry.


Production Systems
Production Systems Research focuses on the exploration of activities related to production systems, aiming to enhance system efficiency and improve production capacity. 

We conduct extensive research in various areas related to production systems, including production system design, business process reengineering, global logistics management, total quality management, scheduling theory, lean production and management, service management, project management, Six Sigma, and much more.


Operations Research
Operations Research is dedicated to the application of relevant theories in operations research and production systems. 

We engage in extensive research that covers a wide range of areas, including experimental design, mathematical programming, network reliability, optimization models and applications, decision analysis, time series analysis and forecasting, management decision-making, system simulation, and more.



Human Factors/ Ergonomics

explores the intricacies of human behavior, capabilities, limitations, and other characteristics. We aim to apply this knowledge to the design of tools, machinery, systems, tasks, work, and environments, ensuring optimal usability, safety, and efficiency.

In our research endeavors, we delve into various related areas, including applied human factors engineering, industrial safety, biomechanics, usability analysis, human decision-making models and applications, human-machine system applications, risk management, and system safety. 


Information Technology

Information Technology aims to explore issues related to the automation of production systems, harnessing the power of information technology to drive innovation and efficiency.
We delve into a diverse range of topics, including system analysis, enterprise model construction and analysis, numerical computation, big data analysis and applications, decision support systems, product design and development, knowledge management, information technology and management, and more.


The DIM excels in research and is among the top departments in Taiwan for industrial management/engineering. We publish over 90 papers in SCI/SSCI journals annually, with an average of more than 3 papers per faculty member. Several faculty members have received the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) Outstanding Research Award.  Our department has two Chair Professors, and sveral have been appointed as Distinguished Professors.

We have a strong record of success in securing research grants from the NSTC, with annual funding reaching NT$32,345,000 (approx. 1,03 million $ US) for NSTC projects and NT$11,305,000 (approx. 363, 000 $ US) from the industry for industry-academia cooperation projects.

Our department prioritizes internationalization, with over 70% of graduate courses taught in English and close to 80 international graduate students enrolled in our programs.

Our alumni have achieved great success, holding high-level managerial positions in well-known companies globally, or thriving in academia in Taiwan or abroad.