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I-Pin Chang


I-Pin Chang (張益賓) 



Contract Assistant Professor






+886-2-2737-3141 #5324


Ph.D. in Institue of Manufacturing Information and Systems, Natinoal Cheng Kung Uniersity

M.S. in Department of Industrial and Information Management, Natinoal Cheng Kung Uniersity

B.S. in Department of Statistics , Natinoal Cheng Kung Uniersity


Programming, Database Management System, O-O Programming


Database Management, Information security, Statistical Analysis

Professional Experience:

Assistant Professor of University of Kang Ning

Research Projects:

An Efficient Chaotic Maps-Based Authentication and Group Key

Agreement (MOST 105-2221-E-426-001)

Research Outcomes:

Journal Articles

1.     Mao-Sung Chen, I-Pin Chang* and Tung-Kuan Liu (2019).Light-Weighted Password-Based Multi-Group Authenticated Key Agreement for Wireless Sensor Networks. Appl. Sci., 9(20), 4320; https://doi.org/10.3390/app9204320 (registering DOI) (SCI Expanded Impact Factor=2.217,Rank:41/275)

2.     I-Pin Chang (2018). Enhanced Chaotic Map-Based Authenticated Key Agreement With Privacy Protection For Multi-Receiver Environment. Journal of Data Analysis, 13(5), 31-43. (Indexed in EconLit, Academic Citation Index(ACI))

3.     I-Pin Chang,Tian-Fu Lee, Tsung-Hung Lin, Chuan-Ming Liu (2015, Nov). Enhanced Two-Factor Authentication and Key Agreement Using Dynamic Identities in Wireless Sensor Networks. sensors, 15, 29841–29854. (SCI,Impact Factor=2.475,Rank:16/61)

4.     Tian-Fu Lee, I-Pin Chang, Ching-Cheng Wang (2013, Nov). Efficient three-party encrypted key exchange using trapdoor functions. Security and Communication Networks , 6(11), 1353–1358.(SCI,Impact Factor=0.904,Rank:122/148)

5.     Tian-Fu Lee, I-Pin Chang, Ching-Cheng Wang (2013, Apr). A Secure and Efficient Password-Based User Authentication Scheme Using Smart Cards for the Integrated EPR Information System. Journal of Medical Systems, 37(3):9941.(SCI,Impact Factor=2.098,Rank:46/94)

6.     Tian-Fu Lee, I-Pin Chang, Ching-Cheng Wang (2013, Jan). Simple group password-based authenticated key agreements for the integrated EPR information system. Journal of Medical Systems, 37(2):9916.(SCI ,Impact Factor=2.098,Rank:46/94)

Conference Papers

1.     I-Pin Chang (2018, June). Enhanced Chaotic Map-Based Authenticated Key Agreement with Privacy Protection for Multi-Receiver Environment. In Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Medical and Health Informatics (pp. 138-142). ACM.( published by ACM proceedings)

2.     I-Pin Chang, I-Ching Lin, Hsiao-Chieh Chen(2015.03.23) “The relationship among the word of mouth, brand image and suggestion willingness in Taiwan's higher education”, 2015 International Conference on Business and Social Sciences(ICBASS), Osaka, Japan.

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