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I-Pin Chang


I-Pin Chang (張益賓) 


Contract Assistant Professor








Ph.D. in Institue of Manufacturing Information and Systems, Natinoal Cheng Kung Uniersity

M.S. in Department of Industrial and Information Management, Natinoal Cheng Kung Uniersity

B.S. in Department of Statistics , Natinoal Cheng Kung Uniersity


Programming, Database Management System, O-O Programming


Database Management, Information security, Statistical Analysis

Professional Experience:

Assistant Professor of University of Kang Ning

Research Projects:

An Efficient Chaotic Maps-Based Authentication and Group Key

Agreement (MOST 105-2221-E-426-001)

Research Outcomes:

Journal Articles

1.     Mao-Sung Chen, I-Pin Chang* and Tung-Kuan Liu (2019).Light-Weighted Password-Based Multi-Group Authenticated Key Agreement for Wireless Sensor Networks. Appl. Sci., 9(20), 4320; https://doi.org/10.3390/app9204320 (registering DOI) (SCI Expanded Impact Factor=2.217,Rank:41/275)

2.     I-Pin Chang (2018). Enhanced Chaotic Map-Based Authenticated Key Agreement With Privacy Protection For Multi-Receiver Environment. Journal of Data Analysis, 13(5), 31-43. (Indexed in EconLit, Academic Citation Index(ACI))

3.     I-Pin Chang,Tian-Fu Lee, Tsung-Hung Lin, Chuan-Ming Liu (2015, Nov). Enhanced Two-Factor Authentication and Key Agreement Using Dynamic Identities in Wireless Sensor Networks. sensors, 15, 29841–29854. (SCI,Impact Factor=2.475,Rank:16/61)

4.     Tian-Fu Lee, I-Pin Chang, Ching-Cheng Wang (2013, Nov). Efficient three-party encrypted key exchange using trapdoor functions. Security and Communication Networks , 6(11), 1353–1358.(SCI,Impact Factor=0.904,Rank:122/148)

5.     Tian-Fu Lee, I-Pin Chang, Ching-Cheng Wang (2013, Apr). A Secure and Efficient Password-Based User Authentication Scheme Using Smart Cards for the Integrated EPR Information System. Journal of Medical Systems, 37(3):9941.(SCI,Impact Factor=2.098,Rank:46/94)

6.     Tian-Fu Lee, I-Pin Chang, Ching-Cheng Wang (2013, Jan). Simple group password-based authenticated key agreements for the integrated EPR information system. Journal of Medical Systems, 37(2):9916.(SCI ,Impact Factor=2.098,Rank:46/94)

Conference Papers

1.     I-Pin Chang (2018, June). Enhanced Chaotic Map-Based Authenticated Key Agreement with Privacy Protection for Multi-Receiver Environment. In Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Medical and Health Informatics (pp. 138-142). ACM.( published by ACM proceedings)

2.     I-Pin Chang, I-Ching Lin, Hsiao-Chieh Chen(2015.03.23) “The relationship among the word of mouth, brand image and suggestion willingness in Taiwan's higher education”, 2015 International Conference on Business and Social Sciences(ICBASS), Osaka, Japan.

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