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About IM


        The Department of Industrial Management (IM) is one of the earliest departments in the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech). It was originally founded in 1974 and has been running for over forty years. The mission is to teach and to conduct relevant research of Industrial Management applications in science and technology; furthermore, to train people to fulfill enterprise’s demands in operation and management fields with efficiency, information and globalization.


The current programs cover management concepts and strategies. Offering e-business solutions to traditional manufacturing industries transform to service-oriented organizations.

Compared to related departments of other colleges or universities, we have strong research potential and ample research outputs. Most Ph.D. graduates give lectures in universities or academic institutions, which deepen our influence on Higher Education.


In the beginning, the department's core program was a two-year daytime upper-division undergraduate curriculum which accepts junior college graduates with engineering and management background. Students were awarded a bachelor degree upon the completion of a two-year coursework in Industrial Management. This program was terminated in 2008. Four-year undergraduate program for junior college students started in 2004. Fifty-five (55) students were accepted in each class group. About 272 students are currently enrolled in this program.


The IM department started to recruit students for master program in 1979 for advanced studies in industrial management and system science. About 120 students are currently enrolled in this program. The doctorate program started off in 1983 with curriculums emphasizing the fields of Lean Production and Management, Human Factors, Operations Research, Information Science, Quality Reliability, Service Science, Global Logistics, and Business Process Re-engineering. About 63 Ph.D. students are currently enrolled.


EMBA program for part-time students was established in 1990. To carry out continuing education, the program aims at training people with sufficient working experience to pursue advanced studies. There are about 58 students in this program, learning the newest industrial management principles, theories, and applications. During classes, they exchange ideas and experiences through group activities to build up future business relationships as well.


For internationalization, we began to recruit international students in 2006 and most graduate-level courses are lectured in English. About 81 international students are currently enrolled.