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Cheng-Jhe Lin



Cheng-Jhe Lin (林承哲)



Associate Professor








Ph.D., Industrial and Systems Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo, USA


Work Study, Industrial Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Human Factors Engineering, Ergonomics in Design, Design Thinking

Professional Experience:

Stanford -Taiwan Biomedical (STB) Fellow, Stanford University, 

Human Factors Engineering Specialist, Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology

Research Interests:

Human Computer Interaction, Human Behavior Modeling, Quantitative Interface Design, Physical Neuroergonomics

Journal Publications:

Lin, C. -J. & Wu, C*., 2015. Predicting Numerical Data Entry Errors by Classifying EEG Signals with Linear Discriminant Analysis. Behaviour & Information Technology, 34(8), 787-798.

Lin, C. -J., Wu, C*. & Chaovalitwongse, W.A., 2015. Predicting Human Errors in Numerical Typing by Integrating Human Behavior Modeling and Data Mining Techniques. IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems, 45(1), 39-50.

Lin, C. -J. & Wu, C*., 2013. Reactions, Accuracy and Response Complexity of Numerical Typing on Touchscreens. Ergonomics, 56(5), 818-831.

Lin, C.-J., & Wu, C*., 2012. Mathematically modelling the effects of pacing, finger strategies and urgency on numerical typing performance with queuing network model human processor. Ergonomics, 55(10), 1180-1204.

Lin, C. -J. & Wu, C*., 2011. Factors affecting numerical typing performance of young people in a hear-and-type task. Ergonomics, 54(12), 1159-74.



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