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Shuo-Yan Chou


Shuo-Yan Chou (周碩彥)



Distinguished Professor & Director of Center for Internet of Things Innovation







Education and Experiences:

Ph.D.: Industrial & Operations Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Michigan,

U.S.A. (1987-92)

Distinguished Professor, Department of Industrial Management, NTUST, 2012-now.

Director, Center for Internet of Things Innovation, NTUST, 2011-now.

Member of the Investment Review Committee, National Development Fund, Executive Yuan, 2015-now

Dean, Office of International Affairs, NTUST; CEO of EU-FP National Contact Point – Taiwan, 2009-11.

Visiting Professor/Scholar, MIT 2015; Aalto University 2015; ETH 2014; Hanyang Univ. 2014; Peking Univ. 2012-13; Nagoya Univ. 2012-13; HKUST 2009-10; Univ. of Washington, 1999.

Professor and Chair, Department of Industrial Management, NTUST, 2002-04.


Supply Chain Management, Product Design and Development, Introduction to Industry 4.0, Engineering Economy

Research Interests:

Internet of Things Innovation, Industrial Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Smart City Applications, Blockchain Application, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Entrepreneurship, Decision Theory, Digital Manufacturing, Computational Geometry

Research Projects:

2020-21    PI, “Pandemic Mitigation—Risk Assessment and Mobility Study,” Ministry of Science and Technology. (US$24,000)
2020-21    PI, “Outcome Economy—Team Building for an Integrated Proposal,” Ministry of Science and Technology. (US$25,000)
2020-21    PI, “5G Application in Manufacturing Industry – an Investigative Study,” Chung Hua Telecom. (US$35,000)
2020-21    PI, “Digital Fusion University-Industry Consortium,” Ministry of Science and Technology. (US$125,000)
2018-21    Co-PI, “NTUST USR,” Ministry of Education. (US$1,000,000)
2018-21    Co-PI, “Taiwan Building Technology Center,” Ministry of Education. (US$7,000,000; sub-project US$331,000)
2018-21    Co-PI, “Center for Cyber Physical System Innovation,” Ministry of Education. (US$4,200,000; sub-project US$400,000)

2019-20   PI, “Renewable Energy Power Generation Prediction and Digital Twin Platform Development,” National Energy Program III, Ministry of Science and Technology. (US$170,000)

2019-20     PI, “Analysis and Optimization of Collaborative Operation Planning for Parts-to-Picker Multi-robot Automatic Warehouses,” Ministry of Science and Technology. (US$16,000 and US$30,000 for post-doc)

2019-20   PI, “Development of Advanced AI-based Smart Energy Equipment and Management System,” Ministry of Science and Technology. (US$30,000)

2019      PI, “WISEPssS Innovation Competition,” Advantech. (US$10,000)

2019      PI, “Internet of Things and Blockchain Facilitated Shared Economy,” TUL. (US$65,000)

2019      PI, “Intelligent Internet of Things Lab Project,” Ministry of Education. (US$120,000)

2019      PI, “Space Sharing Enabling Digital Technologies,” Architecture and Building Research Institute. (US$30,000)

2018-19 Co-PI, “Taiwan Building Technology Center,” Ministry of Education. (US$3,400,000)

2018-19 Co-PI, “Center for Cyber Physical System Innovation,” Ministry of Education. (US$2,000,000)

2018-19 PI, “Analysis and Optimization of Intelligent AGV Systems for High-frequency Order Picking Warehouses,” Ministry of Science and Technology. (US$22,000 and US$30,000 for post-doc)

2018      PI, “Improvement on the Smart Building Certification Review Processes,” Architecture and Building Research Institute, Ministry of Interior. (US$70,000)

2018      Co-PI, “Establishing Energy Conservation International Cooperation Platform among Taiwan, Singapore and UK,” National Energy Program II, Ministry of Science and Technology. (US$130,000)

2018      Co-PI, “High-level Researcher Cultivation,” Ministry of Education. (US$100,000)

2017-18 Co-PI, “Innovative Heat Insulation Solar Glass for Zero Energy Buildings,” Ministry of Science and Technology. (US$1,300,000)

2017-19 PI, “Research and Cooperation on the ICT Infrastructure for Supporting Smart City Development,” Ministry of Science and Technology. (US$260,000)

2017      PI, “Smart Internet of Things Applications,” Model University of Science and Technology Program. (US$16,000)

2017      PI, “Enabling Smart City Sustainable Applications with Cyber Physical Systems,” Taiwan Building Technology Center. (US$80,000)

2016-17 Co-PI, “Sustainable Smart Campus Development Initiative,” Ministry of Interior. (US$1,300,000)

2016      PI, “IOT-based Company Vehicle Management Platform Development,” Far EasTone Telecom. (US$15,000)

2016-19 Co-PI, “Key Technologies and Intelligent Services of Industry 4.0 with Integration of IoT and Cloud Computing,” Ministry of Science and Technology. (US$20,000)

2016      PI, “Industry 4.0 Human Resource Development Study for Taiwan,” Industrial Technology Research Institute. (US$16,000)

2016      PI, “MOOC course on Introduction to Industry 4.0,” Delta Electronics Foundation. (US$32,000)

2016      PI, “Hosting Preliminary Run of TiC100 University Innovation Competition,” Advantech. (US$11,000)

2016      Co-PI, “Research Cooperation Platform with European Union on Building Energy Conservation,” National Energy Program II, Ministry of Science and Technology. (US$85,000)

2015-18 PI, “Research on Revenue Management Models for Private Parking Utilization based on Shared Mobility Strategies, MOST. (US$60,000)

2015-16 Co-PI, “Smart City Case Study in Taipei,” Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, UK (£5,000)

2012-16 PI, “Development of IoT Applications for Energy, Manufacturing and Logistics Scenarios,” MOE Model S&T University Program. (US$350,000)

2011-16 PI, “Towards an IoT Framework for Intelligent Building,” Taiwan Building Technology Center. (US$500,000)

2015      PI, “Smart Logistics for Industry 4.0,” MOE Model UST. (US$15,000)

2015      PI, “iBeacon Location-based Exhibition Service System Development,” AR Media Asia. (US$9,000)

2015      PI, “Study and Preliminary Proposal for IOT Exhibition,” National Science and Technology Museum. (US10,000)

2015      Co-PI, “Intelligent Logistics System,” Foxconn Logistics. (US$100,000)

2015      PI, “Hosting Preliminary Run of University Innovation Competition,” Advantech. (US$7,500)

2015      PI, “Exchange of Scientists under Agreements of Scientific Cooperation between Australian Academy of Science and Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan,” MOST. (US$5,000)

2014-15          PI, “Innovative 3D Photographing Platform Design and Construction,” Jordan Design. (US$50,000)

2014-15          PI, “IOT-enabled Private Parking Utilization Systems: Technology Framework and Optimization Engine,” Ministry of Science and Technology. (US$23,000)

2014-15           PI, “Research on Cognitive and Technology Enablers for Shared Mobility,” Hanyang University, South Korea. (US$10,000)

2014               PI, “Establishing Remote Chemotherapy Prescription Preparation Cross-check and Barcode Systems,” TSGH-NTUST Cooperative Program. (US$8,000)

2013-16          PI, “NTUST IoT University-Industry Consortium,” NSC. (US$210,000)

2013-14          PI, “O2O Application Scenarios for YouBike,” Microprogram. (US$7,000)

2013-14          PI, “Research on ROI Analysis Models for Renewable Power Generation Systems,” NSC. (US$22,000)

2013               PI, “Exchange of Scientists under Agreements of Scientific Cooperation between Australian Academy of Science and National Science Council of Taiwan,” NSC. (US$4,500)

2013-14          Co-PI, “Development Innovative Labs: Hackerspace + extreme learning in NTUST school of management,” MOE. (US$28,000)

2012-13          PI, “Data Transmission and ROI Model Development for Solar Panel Power Generation System,” NSC. (US$23,000)

2012-13          Co-PI, “Research on the Improvement of the 2nd Generation e-Invoice,” Price Waterhouse Cooper. (US$300,000)

2011-13          PI, “Construction of Intelligent Context-aware Environment for Internet of Things,” NSC. (US$38,000)

2011               PI, “Development of Intelligent Storage Shelf for Controlled Medication,” Tri-Service General Hospital. (US$10,000)

2011               PI, “Higher Education Export: Cultivating Southeast Asia Project Office,” MOE. (US$150,000)

2011               PI, “Organizing Global Science Leaders Forum,” NSC. (US$500,000)

2011               PI, “International Cooperation & Exchange Program,” MOE. (US$50,000)

2010-11          PI, “Cooking Project with SUPSI, Switzerland,” NSC. (US$12,000)

2010-11          PI, “Study of Impact of Information Visibility to Logistics,” NSC. (US$20,000)

2009-11          PI, “Applying RFID for Campus Security Integration and Enhancement,” MOE. (US$300,000)

2009-10          PI, “Study on Managerial Impact from Information Visibility,” NSC. (US$19,000)

2009-10          PI, “Key RFID Technology RD and Application,” Ministry of Economic Affairs. (US$430,000)

2009               Co-PI, “RFID-enabled Applications on University Campus and Surrounding Community,” Ministry of Economic Affairs. (US$70,000)

2008-09          Co-PI, “Applying RFID for Campus Security Integration and Enhancement I,” MOE. (US$190,000)

2007-11          Co-PI, “RFID Teaching and Research Lab Setup Project,” MOE. (US$1,000,000)

2007-09           PI, “Study of Collaborative Planning for Supply Chains under Short Product Lifecycle Demand Models,” NSC. (US$40,000)

Academic Services:

Taipei City Government, 2017-   

Advisory Committee Member, University Affairs Self-Evaluation Planning Advisory CommitteeNational Taipei University, 2017—19

Advisory Board Member, Journal of Korean Institute of Industrial Engineers, 2008—

Editorial Board, ASCE Journal of Energy Engineering, 2016—

Associate Editor, International Journal of Fuzzy Systems, 2014—

Editorial Board, International Journal of Internet of Things and its Applications, 2018—

Editor, Advances in Internet of Things, 2011—

Editorial Advisory BoardJournal of Industrial and Production Engineering, 2014—

Board Member, Taiwan FinTech Association, 2017-2021

Advisory Members to the Executive Board, International Society for Productivity Enhancement, 2016—

Board Member, Digital Cultural Content Association, 2004—                            

Board Member, Chinese Institute of Industrial Engineers, 2011—

Best Undergraduate Senior Project Awards (directing students), Department of Industrial Management, NTUST, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2007, 2018

Research and Innovation Award, NTUST, 2007—2020 (awarded for 5 consecutive times)

Research Outcomes:

Published over 80 SCI/SSCI journal papers; PI or Co-PI of more than 120 projects; hosed/co-hosted close to 30 international conferences/forums/workshops


Information Technology Application & Integration (MA012)

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