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Retired Faculty    
Name Position Retirement Date
Sung-May Hsu Associate Professor 2001.08
Yuh-Bin Lin Associate Professor 2004.02
Reay-Chen Wang Professor 2004.08
Sheng-Lin Chang Professor 2006.02
Kun-Jen Chung Professor 2006.08
 Huan-Neng Chiu Professor 2006.08
Kong-King Shieh  Professor 2009.02
Chao-Hsien Pan  Professor 2009.02
Shey-Huei Sheu Chair Professor 2009.08
Yung-Hui Lee Professor 2012.01
Tsung-Shin Hsu Professor 2013.08


Retired Staff    
Name Position Retirement Date
Guang-Chuen Li Office Assistant 1996.01
Cheng-Yih Chang Senior Technician 2012.09
Shih-Fu Chen Senior Technician 2012.09
Xu-Yi Wang Office Assistant 2013.08