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Student Activities

Student Activities

Study in IM NTUST Taiwan will be very wonderful for every local and international student. Our school provides comprehensive curriculum and other program for improving student’s knowledge and study experiences such as internship program in many types of industries, summer research abroad, Chinese language course, etc.

Taiwan also offers you great living experience especially for international students (foreigners). Some institutions including Taiwan Government, Private Corporation, etc often provide events for foreigners such as food festival, free trip, etc. These opportunities give our students interesting experiences during their study in IM NTUST.

Some Student Activites

Bu Mei (Taiwanese) - 2nd year student of IM Departmen

During my summer break, my advisor (Prof Liao) gave me an opportunity to have an internship in China, Guangdong. I'm working in lighting factory, working in there it give me many experiences in field work. It was interesting living 1,5 months with chinese people makes me learn a different culture. These experiences were so great and useful for my future.

Shih Ming – 2nd year student of IM Department

I spent my summer break in USA for research purposes in human factor area and also for summer vacation. It was great because I had a change to visit some places such as Madison County, Chicago, Illinois, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Atlantic City. Thanks to my advisor (Prof. Chia-Hua Ku) for giving me this opportunity.

Yu-Wei Kuo (Taiwanese) - 2nd year student of IM Department

I spent my summer break in China, Fujian, having an internship in Metal Plastic Factory. My advisor (Prof Liao) encourage me to have this internship because it give me experiences in the real field work and give me some idea about my research in scheduling area. These experiences were so interesting and useful for my study in NTUST.

Evi Tjandradjaja (Indonesia) - 2nd Year student of IM Department

During my summer break I spent my time to learn Chinese language. My advisor (Prof Liao) is always encouraging me to study Chinese because it's very useful for my future. It's a good opportunity for me to study in NTUST, not only improve my knowledge but also my skill in language.

Zoe Ho – 2nd semester of IM Department

Before I start my 2nd semester in NTUST, I went to for a cultural internship in Poland for 2 months. I have 11 partners form different countries. It was very interesting that let 12 foreigners who hadn’t known each other before lived in the same dorm and deal with each other. We lived, played and traveled together. In this two months, I was not only joined an internship but also visited another countries by myself. I traveled to Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy ,the Netherlands and Korea. I traveled as a backpacker in those countries. I bump into so many problem in this trip. Lost the last train because the unexpected timetable change, couldn’t catch the airplane because of the suddenly suspended of the airline company. But I overcame those problem and got something from those experiences.

Yi-Ting Liu (Taiwanese) - 2nd year student of IM Department

I applied to be an intern at Tian Jin JinYu Electric Corporation in China for this summer vacation. My advisor (Prof Liao) encourages me that i should grasp anything that might broaden my knowledge and enhance my experience in industrial management. These experiences were so interesting and I believe it must be useful for my future.

Yuliani Dwi Lestari(Indonesia) – 2nd Year student of IM Department

My friends told me “… you are so lucky …”, well that’s right. My advisor (Prof. KJ Wang) gave me wonderful opportunity to spend my summer break by having automobile industry internship in four different countries (Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and Taiwan). Other activities during my summer break were joined the international paper conference in Shanghai China and also met many experts in pharmaceutical industry related to my thesis research. Overall, these experiences were so amazing and significantly useful for my study in NTUST and for my future.