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Course Plan

Courses in the EMBA program are classified as follows:

(1) Prerequisite Courses

Economics (2 credit units), Accounting (2 credit units), Statistics (2 credit units). If an EMBA student was able to take those courses or the related courses before; he/ she can apply for course exemption. Otherwise, these prerequisite courses must be taken and completed. The credits for the prerequisite courses are not included or counted in the minimum required 45 units of the EMBA program.

(2) Basic Courses

Production and Operations Management (3 credit units), Marketing Management (3 credit units), Organization and Management (3 credit units), Management and Information System (3 credit units), Financial Management (3 credit units), Case Analysis and Writing (3 credit units). The EMBA student must complete at least 2 of the above courses.

(3) Case Discussion Courses

An EMBA student who enrolled in and after the academic year, 97 or 2008, has to take at least one case discussion course which in approved by the EMBA office.

(4) Core Courses

Elective core courses for the EMBA student are: Quality Management and Case Study, Service Experience and Management, Innovation and Business Process Re-engineering, Managerial Psychology and Human Factors Design, Total Quality Management, Lean Production and Management, Intelligent Electronic Business Management, Global Logistics Management and Headquarter Planning, and Project Management. The EMBA student must take and complete at least 5 of the above courses. The course codes must start with IM.

(5) Elective Course

All courses in the EMBA program in the School of Management can be regarded as elective courses. The student can also take the Regular Graduate courses as elective courses.