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Course Plan


Graduation Credits: 36

Required Courses:

Course Title Credit Notes
Seminar on Industrial Management (1) 0  
Seminar on Industrial Management (2) 0  
Academic Research Ethics 0 More information: https://ae.ntust.edu.tw/
English Courses of Undergraduate Level 4

Not included in Graduation Credits.

Students who have passed the GEPT Intermediate Level or above can apply to waive them.




  1. Students must take at least 8 professional courses. Among the 8 core courses, at least 3 courses must be in the field of Human Factors Engineering or at least 4 courses in one of the other three fields (Production Management, Operations Research, and Information Technology).
  2. Students who have yet to complete any course which is equivalent to "Production Management", "Operations Management", or "Production and Operations Management" in bachelor or graduate program are required to complete one of the basic professional("Production Management" or "Production Management System") courses before graduation, but the course "Production Management" will not be considered one of the four courses in the same field as the graduation requirement for master students.


Professional Courses:

Field of Production Management Field of Operation Research Field of Human Factors Field of Information Technology
Course Code English Course Title Course Code English Course Title Course Code English Course Title Course Code English Course Title
IM5209 Research Methods in Management IM5100 Linear Models IM5113 Usability Analysis IM5110 Metaheuristics
IM5300 Advanced Production Management IM5101 Linear Programming IM5402 Experimental Design IM5112 Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Business Applications
IM5311 Sustainable Management for the Enterprises IM5102 Nonlinear Programming IM5701 Biomechanics IM5211 Big Data Analytics and Applications
IM5401 Special Topics on Production Management IM5108 Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions IM5710 Industrial Hygiene IM5212 Computer Programming
IM5402 Experimental Design IM5109 Soft Computing IM5712 Industrial Safety IM5213 Data Science
IM5407 Advanced Materials Management IM5110 Metaheuristics IM5713 Human Decision Models and Applications IM5500 Software Engineering
IM5410 Lean Production and Management IM5402 Experimental Design IM6205 Organizational Ergonomics IM5501 System Analysis
IM5411 Process Capability Analysis IM5507 Decision Support System IM6408 Man-Machine System Application IM5502 Special Topics on Production MIS
IM5412 Six Sigma IM5508 Decision Analysis IM6602 Products Design and Development IM5507 Decision Support System
IM5605 System Simulation IM5605 System Simulation IM6614 Risk Management and System Safety IM5605 System Simulation
IM5711 Service Management IM5609 Numerical Computations IM6809 Ergonomics in Design IM5609 Numerical Computations
IM5801 Semi-Conductor Manufacturing & Management IM5706 Management Decision Making IM7301 Psychological Foundations in H. F. Engineering IM5803 Data Mining Applications
IM5802 Supply Chain Management IM5804 Business Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization IM7303 Physiological Foundations in Human Factors IM5805 Smart Manufacturing Practice
IM5804 Business Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization IM6101 Mathematical Programming IM7309 Applied Ergonomics IM5806 Intelligent Operations and Management
IM5805 Smart Manufacturing Practice IM6102 Queuing Theory     IM5902 Electronic Business Management
IM5806 Intelligent Operations and Management IM6104 Regression Analysis     IM6210 Enterprise Modeling and Analysis
IM5901 Business Process Re-engineering IM6106 Markov Decision Processes     IM6211 Information Technology and Management
IM5903 Enterprise Resources Planning IM6107 Multivariate Analysis     IM6212 Knowledge Management
IM5906 Technology & Law IM6108 Network Analysis     IM6308 Manufacturing Information Processing
IM5907 Patent Portfolio IM6110 Time Series Analysis and Forecasting     IM6310 Intelligent Manufacturing System
IM5908 Technology Transfer and Licensing IM6306 Reliability Engineering     IM6313 Theory and Practice of Blockchain
IM6109 Quality Engineering IM6311 Network Reliability     IM6411 System Dynamics
IM6200 Total Quality Management IM6407 Scheduling Theory     IM6506 Computer Aided Design
IM6210 Enterprise Modeling and Analysis IM6409 Reliability Analysis     IM6507 Artificial Intelligence
IM6302 Logistics Distribution Management IM6513 Combinatorial Optimization     IM6511 Artificial Neural Networks
IM6307 Production Management System IM6514 Optimization Models and Applications     IM6512 Pattern Recognition
IM6406 Quality Control System IM6705 Graph Theory     IM6517 Machine Learning
IM6407 Scheduling Theory IM7003 Fuzzy Mathematics     IM6602 Products Design and Development
IM6410 Production System Design IM7101 Dynamic Programming     IM6603 Business Forecasting
IM6516 Performance Assessment IM7102 Stochastic Processes        
IM6517 Machine Learning IM7103 Applied Probability Models        
IM6603 Business Forecasting IM7104 Stochastic Modeling        
IM6613 Project Management            
IM7005 Inventory Management Systems with Applications            
IM7402 Inventory Theory            
IM7800 Manufacturing Strategy            
IM9002 Global Logistics Management            
IM9003 Concepts and Methods in Quality Control            

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