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Master Program

Forms download
1 Guidelines for National Taiwan University of Science and Technology  Graduate Students Transfer to Department of Industrial Management download
2 Consent Form for Thesis Instruction download
3 Application Form for Changing Advisor download
4 List of Completed Courses for Master Program download
5 Application Form for Fast-Track Transfer to the Ph.D. Program download
6 Format of binding thesis paper download
7 Procedure for e-Thesis Submission download
8 A Note on Master’s Degree Thesis Oral Exam download
9 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) Department of Industrial Management Regulations for Master Degree Program download


Master Thesis cover (Sample)


11 Application Form for the Certificate of Engineering Concentration download

*Other forms can be found on office of Academic Affairs (Section of Graduate Stadies)

*Please download and print documents below from Student Information System:

  • Qualification Form by Master’s Degree Examination Committee
  • Master’s Thesis Recommendation Form
  • Forms for Oral Defense (Master degree)

2021/03/24 update