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Shuo-Yan Chou



Shuo-Yan Chou (周碩彥)



Distinguished Professor






Education and Experiences:

Ph.D.: Industrial & Operations Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Michigan,

U.S.A. (1987-92)

Distinguished Professor, Department of Industrial Management, NTUST, 2012-now.

Director, Center for Internet of Things Innovation, NTUST, 2011-now.

Member of the Investment Review Committee, National Development Fund, Executive Yuan, 2015-now

Dean, Office of International Affairs, NTUST; CEO of EU-FP National Contact Point – Taiwan, 2009-11.

Visiting Professor/Scholar, MIT 2015; Aalto University 2015; ETH 2014; Hanyang Univ. 2014; Peking Univ. 2012-13; Nagoya Univ. 2012-13; HKUST 2009-10; Univ. of Washington, 1999.

Professor and Chair, Department of Industrial Management, NTUST, 2002-04.


Supply Chain Management, Product Design and Development, Introduction to Industry 4.0, Engineering Economy

Research Interests:

Internet of Things Innovation, Industrial Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Smart City Applications, Blockchain Application, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Entrepreneurship, Decision Theory, Digital Manufacturing, Computational Geometry


Research Projects:

2018      PI, “Improvement on the Smart Building Certification Review Processes,” Architecture and Building Research Institute, Ministry of Interior. (US$70,000)

2018      Co-PI, “Establishing Energy Conservation International Cooperation Platform among Taiwan, Singapore and UK,” National Energy Program II, Ministry of Science and Technology. (US$130,000)

2018      Co-PI, “High-level Researcher Cultivation,” Ministry of Education. (US$100,000)

2018      Co-PI, “High-level Researcher Cultivation,” Ministry of Education. (US$100,000)

2017-18 Co-PI, “Innovative Heat Insulation Solar Glass for Zero Energy Buildings,” Ministry of Science and Technology. (US$1,300,000)

2017-19 PI, “Research and Cooperation on the ICT Infrastructure for Supporting Smart City Development,” Ministry of Science and Technology. (US$260,000)

2017      PI, “Smart Internet of Things Applications,” Model University of Science and Technology Program. (US$16,000)

2017      PI, “Enabling Smart City Sustainable Applications with Cyber Physical Systems,” Taiwan Building Technology Center. (US$80,000)

2016-17 Co-PI, “Sustainable Smart Campus Development Initiative,” Ministry of Interior. (US$1,300,000)

2016      PI, “IOT-based Company Vehicle Management Platform Development,” Far EasTone Telecom. (US$15,000)

2016-19 Co-PI, “Key Technologies and Intelligent Services of Industry 4.0 with Integration of IoT and Cloud Computing,” Ministry of Science and Technology. (US$20,000)

2016      PI, “Industry 4.0 Human Resource Development Study for Taiwan,” Industrial Technology Research Institute. (US$16,000)

2016      PI, “MOOC course on Introduction to Industry 4.0,” Delta Electronics Foundation. (US$32,000)

2016      PI, “Hosting Preliminary Run of TiC100 University Innovation Competition,” Advantech. (US$11,000)

2016      Co-PI, “Research Cooperation Platform with European Union on Building Energy Conservation,” National Energy Program II, Ministry of Science and Technology. (US$85,000)

2015-18 PI, “Research on Revenue Management Models for Private Parking Utilization based on Shared Mobility Strategies, MOST. (US$60,000)

2015-16 Co-PI, “Smart City Case Study in Taipei,” Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, UK (£5,000)

2012-16 PI, “Development of IoT Applications for Energy, Manufacturing and Logistics Scenarios,” MOE Model S&T University Program. (US$350,000)

2011-16 PI, “Towards an IoT Framework for Intelligent Building,” Taiwan Building Technology Center. (US$500,000)

2015      PI, “Smart Logistics for Industry 4.0,” MOE Model UST. (US$15,000)

2015      PI, “iBeacon Location-based Exhibition Service System Development,” AR Media Asia. (US$9,000)

2015      PI, “Study and Preliminary Proposal for IOT Exhibition,” National Science and Technology Museum. (US10,000)

2015      Co-PI, “Intelligent Logistics System,” Foxconn Logistics. (US$100,000)

2015      PI, “Hosting Preliminary Run of University Innovation Competition,” Advantech. (US$7,500)

2015      PI, “Exchange of Scientists under Agreements of Scientific Cooperation between Australian Academy of Science and Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan,” MOST. (US$5,000)

Academic Services:

Board Member, CIIE, 2009—now; Taiwan Association of System Science and Engineering, 2009—10; Digital Cultural Content Association, 2004—13

Member of the Expert Review Panel, Hong Kong R&D Center for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Enabling Technologies, 2011—2012

Committee Member, University Evaluation Committee, Science & Technological University Evaluation Committee (IE Sub-committee), MOE, 2002—

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Chinese Institute of Industrial Engineers (EI, TSSCI; published by Taylor and Francis), 2007—10

Advisory Board Member, Journal of Korean Institute of Industrial Engineers, 2008—09

Research and Innovation Award, National Taiwan University of Science & Technology, 2007, 2010 (awarded for the period of 2008—2013)

Research Outcomes:

Published over 60 SCI/SSCI journal papers; PI or Co-PI of more than 80 projects; hosed/co-hosted close to 30 international conferences/forums/workshops


Information Technology Application & Integration (MA012)

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